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Debut album from 2008. All songs written in the mid-late 1980's....


released October 19, 2008


all rights reserved



Underclass UK Dagenham, UK

"(Underclass UK) have a lot to say and a pretty ferocious, uncompromising way of saying it. Far from being an average Oi!/Streetpunk band they are far more sussed and articulate than you’d perhaps imagine from their chosen name." Geb Babey, Louder Than War! 12.3.17 ... more

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Track Name: Sect Case
Sect Case.

Oppress me now,
and fill me with your fear
Not a worry in the world,
without a total care.

The shit you preach is out of date
I’ve just gotta get out of this place
You’re worthless scum and your faith’s a fake
I’m being followed by a Sect, Sect, Sect Case.

Self rightous scum
come knocking on my door,
Leaching, bleeding money for the poor,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha….

Bigot racketeers,
that’s all that you are,
Caring factions
all with brand new cars
Track Name: Harry - Original Cut

20 years. Got out today.
Different world. Can’t find his way.
Harry’s on his way!
Reminiscing. Time it flies.
Looking back on years gone by.
Harry’s on his way!

Harry is on his way.

Full of rage. Full of fight.
20 years for another man’s crime.
Harry’s on his way!
Friends and family, dead and gone.
End of life. It won’t be long.
Harry’s on his way!

Retribution is his goal.
Takes his gun down to Soho.
Harry’s on his way!
Dreamed of this for 20 years,
pulls the trigger. Sheds no tears.
Harry’s on his way.
Track Name: Here & Now
Here & Now.

Slave at work, everyday,
still you claim your life is great,
Talk about holidays, wash your car,
Shout your mouth you fuckin bore.

Life (oi! oi! oi!), here & now.

All your friends say you’ll go far,
Plan your days out weeks before,
Got no humour, got no faith,
It’s your life and your to blame,
(you’re a wanker, you’re a fake)

All your mates think you’re a star,
But I think you’re a fucking bore,
Fuck your world and fuck your games,
You’re a wanker, you’re a fake.
Track Name: 25 Years
25 Years

25, 25 years,
it’s been a long time,
plenty of tears
Don’t need you,
and never will
Uber life for me
the ultimate thrill.

We are feeling OK.
We are doing OK
We are Looking OK.

Happy, happy Days.
Happy, happy days.
Happy happy days to you.
Track Name: New World Order
New World Order.

You made the mistake of letting them into your life.
You made the mistake of listening to twisted lies.
Mind fucked up. The truth is you despise.

History can not answer this
so stand your ground, or ceast to exist.

What will it take for you to see the light?
To have your front door
kicked down in the black of night?
Dragged into the streets, brains blown out.
Will you still be right?

History can not answer this – so stand your ground, or ceast to exist.

Your life in this world is no more,
you’re bravado’s spilled,
The warnings of danger and fear
that never seemed that real,
Take a look, one last time,
as you burn in a corporate hell.

Bodies, there’s bodies burning,
To those with power – your life is worthless.
Bodies there’s bodies burning,
The New World Order is coming someday.
Track Name: GTFO

Stuck in a world of jealousy and hatred,
Fear of fear is mass contaminated,

Divide and conquer tactics pollinated,
The plans of Masters who’ve so far dominated.

GTFO of here: Off my back, out of my hair,
GTFO of here: Place the noose, kick the chair.

For hundreds of years, you’ve stolen off your people,
Live off the back of ‘Everybody’s equal’

Land rights. Blood rights. Privilege makes you
A parasite beyond historic value.

I, don’t want to live like you, things you do,
Are so untrue, you ain’t gonna take me for a fool!

National decline in wealth amonst the working,
Dignities rise thorough those un-fucking-worthy,

Blind to what keeps you down, and undermines you,
So find fault in the weak, and others just like you.
Track Name: Fuck Right Off You Cunt

FOYC – You throw my mind into confusion,
FOYC - You wind me up, cause disillusion,

Speak so fast,
you screw my brain,
Talk such shit,
you cause me pain,

Never there
when you need to be,
So tell me what now,
what do you want from me?

Talk so fast,
you cause me pain,
Cause such shit,
drive me insane,

Never there
when you need to be,
Fuck off now,
keep away from me!
Track Name: You Better Run
You Better Run.

If you see me coming, man you better run,
When you see me coming, I’ll be carrying a gun,
You better run, man, you better run.
If you see me coming, man you best be gone,
When you see me coming, coming through your door,
You better run, man, you better run

If you see me coming, man you best be gone,
When you see me coming, coming through your door,

If you see me coming, coming to your side,
If you see me coming, man, you better hide!

You been fooling around with my woman,
You been fooling around with my life,
You been fooling around with my girl,
You been fucking around in my world.

You better run, man you better run. You better. X 4

If you see me coming, man, you best be gone,
When you see me coming, coming to your door,

If you see me coming, man you better strut,
When you see me coming in my open neck shirt.

You better run, man you better run. You better. X 4
I’m gonna kill you now, kill you now…..
Track Name: Cold Last Night
Cold Last Night

Arsewipe, you cut me, now I’m bleeding.
I had my back against the wall,
Look up I see your face, you’re laughing,
It’s all gone black, I’m gonna fall…

On this Cold Last Night,
I’m running for my life,
On this Cold Last Night,
Not prepared to die,
On this Cold Last Night,
I’m fighting for my life.
On this Cold Last Night,
Kiss my life goodbye.

ASBO’s and Hugs won’t fucking stop them,
My boots and fists are my defense,
Each night you hear the screams of horror,
Each night the blood runs thick and red.

Falls on deaf ears my please of mercy,
You twist the knife, spit in my face,
I’m filled with pain, my blood is running,
That cold dark place, now I embrace,
Track Name: Hey Rockstar...
Hey, Rock Star!

Hey Rock Star,
King of the scene,
brag to your mates
about where you’ve been,
Hey Rock Star,
One of the crew,
telling your mates
about what you do,
Hey Rock Star,
One of the boys,
Daddy’s big money
pays for your toys,
Hey Rock Star,
You’re number one,
top of the pops
but a useless cunt!

Living in a shadow of someone you pretend to be,
will catch up and destroy you from the inside,
A useless world, no reality,
getting kicks out of faux fame.
Track Name: Crack Whore
Crack Whore

She has no savoiurs,
she’s disposed.
Oh she was desperate,
now can’t escape this mess,

She took a wrong turn,
was it her fate?
A world of punters,
she can’t escape.

I used to know that pretty girl next door,
Now she gets no respect from me, Crack whore.
She has to take off that red dress, open her legs,
She has to be a sex object, just to inject.

Oldest profession,
she knows her game,
A world of twilight,
lewdness and pain,

Inside so shattered,
she feels so low,
False smile and lipstick,
burnt out ego.
Track Name: Escape

I can’t take this pressure no more,
have a drink cos I’m feeling bored,

Out on the town with some mates,
celebrate something personal.

Gonna lose my mind again,
DT madness drive me insane,
Try to escape the psycho hatred,
anger, rage and violence, baby

Few lagers and a line of cocaine,
have a drink to be sociable,

Off to a party til late, I’m fucked up,
I’m completely gone.

Off to the pub each day,
16 pints ain’t acceptable.

This bottle of scotch in my coat
is only here just to keep warm.

I can’t take this pain no more,
shake so badly can’t go out the door,

Can hardly remember my name,
from the bed on a cold cell floor.
Track Name: Wholesale

The ‘History of Anarchy’
means nothing to me,
Delirium of Fascism
is just insanity,

You buy in this scene like wholesale,
And you see what you want to see,
Through rose tinted glass,
you live yesterdays dreams,
‘Cos your ignorant,
mindless and green,

It’s like the man said,
the spirits not dead,
so be wild and free,
Cos Freedoms not free,
it’s simple to me,
don’t copy what you see.

Who gives a fuck
if there’s noses turned up,
stand proud and give,
A nod and a plea of integrity
against society.
Track Name: What Happened?
What Happened?

Sitting alone watching TV,
film about war on channel 3,
Flash back of pain, to the days,
of when I fought for my country,
Was it all in vain?

Medals besides on the wall,
body’s decaying, sights no more,
Lost my best friends in the good fight
Sit here alone
waiting to die.

Promises far to hard to hold,
not world peace as I was told,
Would happen when I put down my name,
And for a better world
signed my youth away

Look at us now the state we’re in,
no compromise no win,
Drop to my knees and prey,
That one day mankind
will find its way.
Track Name: End of the Line
The End of the Line.

I pass you by on Sunday,
and you’re laying around,
I pass you by on Friday and you’re still sitting down,
“Can I lend some money?”
You say you need some draw,
“I’ll pay you back on Monday, come on?
You know the score!”

A Country fit for heroes, but what are heroes for?
Economy’s flat at zero, on the verge of Holy war.
Forefathers fought for Freedom,
they went to early graves,
Our every needs were catered for,
but now you throw it back in their face…

The old folk sit home freezing,
whilst you destroy their homes,
Come out and start complaining,
so you screw them for their gold,
The dreams they had are dying,
for this green and pleasant land,
Destruction of their Universe,
come on and hold that dying hand…

What happened to our principles,
and fair play sense we had?
The Bulldog’s gave it’s kennel up,
for some greedy redevelopment plan,
I try to seek my answers,
they’re nowhere to be found,
Now take my hand, let’’s walk away,
‘Cos it’s the end of the line for me…

And the end of the line for man.

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