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Kill The Poor

by Underclass UK

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Kill The Poor It's time for you to make a stand, Take some fucked up things in hand Time to shut them bastards down And run them fuckers outta town What better way to kill the poor, Sign you up and off to war Robin hood was the Sheriff's whore. Cos the Rich stay rich, while the poor stay poor The blind see nothing, so the rich rob more. Keep your blinkers on, cos you're accounted for! A history of revolt and war, Uprised peasants, just folklore, Cos to beat the system and bring it down, Lives are lost – are you still ready now?
Enemy 02:57
Enemy The word is out, but no one see's, what things in life all mean to me, But seen from different points of view, Can’t understand, can’t break through. I need an Enemy, I need an enemy, I Need an Enemy, to prove my pedigree. Shout the odds, but you don’t see, What’s in the woods, for all the trees, When you shout into the void, you’re just the other side of the coin! If love is natural, then so is hate, But blindly used, destroys the faith, The road to peace comes from your heart, Not propaganda from the past!
Skint 01:35
Skint He came from a quiet Town, where he’d always been pushed around, So he moved to the City, no Streets of Gold or Hearts of Pity. You’re Skint, Prick, what’d you come here for? You’ll be sleeping on the pavement, you’ll be living in shop doors, You’re Skint, Prick, what’d you come here for? You’ll be begging at the Station, find your the floor. Alone and down, nobody round, life makes him feel so dirty, No space or time to work it out, Street Survival, no mercy. Dog eat dog and turning tricks, thieve and steal to get a fix, A harsh existence. The hard way, Just see the Sun set on another day.
Fantasies of Violence…. I fantasise of violence, I dream of shooting Pigs, But I'm not brave enough for that, so I just slap my Kids, I boast of slashing faces on the football terrace, But that's to hide my fetish of wearing Ladies knickers. Fantasy's of Violence - No self pride, just self despise, Fantasy's of violence - no self worth, do it yourself. Tell stories in my local, about what I used to do, But all I fucking did back then was cry whilst sniffing glue, I write shit on the internet and boast how hard I am, Then I switch on my web cam and wank for other men. My ego's massive, large as life, the legend that is me, But it's time for me to go now, as Mum's just cooked my tea, Before I go, I'll lie again it's been like this since birth, to satisfy my ego crushing big lack of self worth.
Destiny 02:56
DESTINY It’s all wound up now nowhere left to go, 50 years of work set free to go, Retire next month and move down to the coast, Your time is up, you’re trying to make the most, DESTINY You’re all sold up now, loading up the van, Your pride is strong like any working man, Your memories fade, you’re took to your sick bed, Now your body’s still and Death’s detained your head.
I Don't Wanna Be. Put me down from the day I'm born, Brainwash me as a kid at school, Wear your uniform, be the best, Work hard and you'll stand out from the rest, Cliched thoughts are all you are, Must have a flash house, wife and car, Life's mapped out, you'll go far... Fucked up Zombie, walking dead man, I don't wanna be, part of your society I don't wanna be part of society. Left School now and get a job, Aspire to be the company boss, Ridicule what's not the same, Thick boy likes to dish out the blame, Middle aged, you’ll soon find out, that things ain't like they told you as a boy, Wise up, will you admit, The fact that you may just be wrong. I don't wanna be, part of your society I don't wanna be part of society. Deep inside you know you're wrong, Can't figure out what's going on, You gave it all, lived by their rules You seemed to think t'was me that’s the fool. Your fucked up life: Divorces, graves, Justify your choices made, Watch your kids grow from afar but will you let them be just what they are? I don't wanna be, part of your society I don't wanna be part of society.
Spirit of Bobby Moore. You chose your team, and stood by it, even when they are playing shit, Support your boys – you’re their spirit. Just like your father years before, the turnstile is your first amour, Your loyalty’s high, you know the score. Modern day football treats you like shit, Overpaid tossers with no (Low life) ethics, A world of snide, where money’s worth more, Than treasuring the memory of Bobby Moore. You’ve got the scarf, hat, and flag too, you don’t care if it’s win or lose, This team means everything to you. Sit in the stands, you sing and rant, go every game, sod the expense, You wear your lucky underpants.
Brokens Dreams All my people, my lovely people, The world was made so wonderful by you, and all you do. Rise my people, my humble people, The world is ours, let’s take it back for good. I said, 1, 2, 3, 4 – won’t you tell a little more about you, and what you do? 1, 2, 3, 4 – Tell me just a little more about you/ I can see you suffer the greed disease, Let’s take solutions to the streets, and watch them bleed, Rise my people, my lovely people, Let’s take them out and live in peace… 1, 2, 3, 4 – please please tell me a little more about you – and all you do? 1, 2, 3, 4 – Tell me just a little more about you I saw a hundred dreamers, I saw a reason why, But I saw nothing in their eyes. I saw a thousand soldiers, I heard ten thousand screams, I watched a million people die. And then I saw you… Dieing there too. I saw their leaders shot down,I saw their children Fried, I saw the oppositions might. I saw 100 warlords, take down a thousand queens, I saw a blood red thunderous sky I saw a thousand Faceless, destroy ten million minds, I saw a queue that lasts for miles. I saw a thousand angels, I saw them fall and cry, I saw a them scream and run and hide… Then I saw you…
LONDON I follow coastline down the shore, from Southend round to Grays, Up the River Thames I go, but London’s gone today Survived the Plague, and Great Fire, kept Spirit of an age, Now the whole of Europe’s open and it’s coming for a wage. Please, please, tell me where has London gone? No more Pearly Kings and Cockney songs. Inner City Chaos, all gone wrong. This defiant London, that I’ve heard so much about Has now been pulled to pieces and destroyed there aint no doubt Where the young and old, are afraid to go out alone at night And the pubs are closing down and boarded up without a fight. This rebuilt City’s souless now, the character has gone, Plate glass windows, girders and mcdonalds signs look wrong, In a city where the architecture’s 18th century, And a council planners back hander rebuilds our history.
Harry 20 years. Got out today. Different world. Can’t find his way. Harry’s on his way! Reminiscing. Time it flies. Looking back on years gone by. Harry’s on his way! Harry is on his way. Full of rage. Full of fight. 20 years for another man’s crime. Harry’s on his way! Friends and family, dead and gone. End of life. It won’t be long. Harry’s on his way! Retribution is his goal. Takes his gun down to Soho. Harry’s on his way! Dreamed of this for 20 years, pulls the trigger. Sheds no tears. Harry’s on his way.
25 Years 25, 25 years, it’s been a long time, plenty of tears Don’t need you, and never will Uber life for me the ultimate thrill. We are feeling OK. We are doing OK We are Looking OK. NOW! NOW! NOW! Happy, happy Days. Happy, happy days. Happy happy days to you
The End of the Line. I pass you by on Sunday, and you’re laying around, I pass you by on Friday and you’re still sitting down, “Can I lend some money?” You say you need some draw, “I’ll pay you back on Monday, come on? You know the score!” A Country fit for heroes, but what are heroes for? Economy’s flat at zero, on the verge of Holy war. Forefathers fought for Freedom, they went to early graves, Our every needs were catered for, but now you throw it back in their face… The old folk sit home freezing, whilst you destroy their homes, Come out and start complaining, so you screw them for their gold, The dreams they had are dying, for this green and pleasant land, Destruction of their Universe, come on and hold that dying hand… What happened to our principles, and fair play sense we had? The Bulldog’s gave it’s kennel up, for some greedy redevelopment plan, I try to seek my answers, they’re nowhere to be found, Now take my hand, let’’s walk away, ‘Cos it’s the end of the line for me… And the end of the line for man.
Summer Skies 02:20
Summer Skies Figuring out a way togo, Lighting fire, to feel the warmth, Kicking down the doors and fences To escape the Winter’s cold. Summer Skies – Fading away into Nowhere, Summer Skies – Changing it’s place with the rain. Blackness sets in all too quickly, Distant in the Winter Sky, Instant darkness, oh so quickly, Nothing like Sunny July. Money men break all my dreams, Drags me down, don’t hear my cries, Hold my life down to a ransom, Get in line and wait to die.


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released March 14, 2012


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Underclass UK Dagenham, UK

"(Underclass UK) have a lot to say and a pretty ferocious, uncompromising way of saying it. Far from being an average Oi!/Streetpunk band they are far more sussed and articulate than you’d perhaps imagine from their chosen name." Geb Babey, Louder Than War! 12.3.17 ... more

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