Not In My Name

by Underclass UK

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2014 Studio album. Videos from this album include:
Whatever it Takes -
Insanity -
I Am Somebody -
Streetcleaner (Live) -
Underclass UK - Playlist -


released April 18, 2014


all rights reserved



Underclass UK Dagenham, UK

"(Underclass UK) have a lot to say and a pretty ferocious, uncompromising way of saying it. Far from being an average Oi!/Streetpunk band they are far more sussed and articulate than you’d perhaps imagine from their chosen name." Geb Babey, Louder Than War! 12.3.17 ... more

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Track Name: Street Cleaner

If you’re too sick to stand I’ve got something for you.
I'll take you by the hand and reassure you
Let me take you to a place i built just for you
Where you won't need a priest and you won't need a lawyer

I'll take you two by two
I'll take you four and more
I'll pack you all in from the roof to the floor
I'll count you all in and then i'll shut the door
and when you’re dead and done,
I'll go looking for more..

I don't wanna see your face anymore
I want you all dead or behind locked doors.
I want you gone from the streets so my kids can play
I want you scrubbed out I want you washed away

If you can't stand up i'm gonna drag you kicking,
I’ve got all exits blocked so you can’t trick me
Let your children starve and your old Mums freeze
I want you all out of sight so we can do as we please
Track Name: Total Destruction

Smashed the Unions,
smeared the Chiefs,
this system’s going down.
Sell paranoia in the news,
disinformation sells,
Propaganda’ gags and blinds,
there’s much at stake to lose,
Control, dictate, manipulate,
the revolution’s fuse.

Total Class Destruction.

No Middle Class, wipe the slate,
it’s ‘Have’s’ and the ‘Have Nots’.
The Working Class will be wiped out
and turned into surplus
to requirements. No working man,
machines will take our place.
No need for me, no need for you –
Redundant from our lives.
Track Name: The Plight of the Blind

Hiding from reality, his mind's about to blow,
held in place by false beliefs, in systems of control.

It’s the plight of the blind,
when freedom’s in decline,
it’s a crime when your life is a justified lie.

Those who shout the loudest, have the most to hide,
a blinkered tried agenda, two thousand year old lie.
Track Name: My Kind of...

My Kind of Woman.
My Kind of Weapon.
My Kind of Heaven.
My Kind of Nothing.
Track Name: Parasite

You offered me a break,
a chance to do it right,
You said, ‘it’s fine just tow the line.’
You offered me a life
beyond my wildest dreams,
Here's where you start, here's where you sign.

You sold me down the river,
fucked me once again,
You stole my soul, You sold me lies.
You fooled me once
you will not bullshit me again ,
I can’t believe you even try.

And it's no-go.
‘Cause I said so.
‘Cause I won't go.
I'm getting out.

You stuck your hooks in
but I ripped them out and ran,
I might have bled but I was dry.
You said I owe you
but I knew it was a scam,
This deal is over now, goodbye.
Track Name: I Am Somebody

Nobody’s Gonna Put Me Down
Nobody’s Gonna Fool Me Around
Nobody’s Gonna Say I’m Mad
Nobody’s Gonna Call Me Bad.

Nobody’s Gonna Take My Rights,
Nobody’s Gonna Do Me Twice,
Nobody’s Gonna Hold Me Back,
Press Play and See Me Attack.
Track Name: Not In My Name

Who makes the guns that kill the soldiers?
And who trains the Dogs that go to war?
Who spends the Tax on land invasions
To steal your oil and kill the poor?

It’s not me, not my family,
Same Men, from the books of history
Ruling Lords of high dignity
Same men who run our economy…

Who sold the slaves into hard labour
The blood money funds generations,
A mask that slips will reveal the face of
an evilness that rules us all.

Who stirs the shit to keep the hatred,
Amongst the brothers of underclass,
Iluminati smiles to your faces,
But what they’ve stole, they’ll kill to guard.
Track Name: Insanity

Here’s to the fallen,
And here’s to the brave,
Here’s to the cowards who turn their cheek and look away,
Show me a God,
and the places you pray,
Then show me a man with a bomb
and call it Judgement Day.

Here’s to the Deaf,
And here’s to the Blind,
Here’s to the Holy Men with one track bloody minds,
Read a line from a book,
Twist it round in a way,
To justify your twisted,
Overgrown Childs play.
Track Name: My Right
My Right

My right to say what I want
And think the way I wanna think
My right I wanna speak my mind
My right to yell my right to scream
(My right) no one's ever gonna
Tell me what I have to do
(My right) I'll live my life the way I want
I don't care about your little world

And I can't believe you're telling me
What's good for me how do you know what's good?
And I can't believe you're telling me
What to believe, get away from me - my right

(My right) No matter what I do, to you
it’s always one big mistake
(My right) I'm sick of you, I know I'm right
You’re full of shit, you fucking fake
My right, my life, my soul, my mind,
My body, my existence means
(My right) That I don't have to listen to you
It's my right cause I'm a human being
Track Name: Whatever It Takes

To all my friends departed,
It brought you to your knees,
You never tasted Victory.
You never heed the warnings,
Some things that should not be,
You were so blind, you could not see.

Now all your friends are gone.
And you’re all alone.
Who’s in the mirror that you see?

I saw your life was falling
Apart in front of me,
There’s nothing left, no dignity.
You never heard the calling,
Your pain was like disease,
It took you to your destiny.

What ever it takes to kill the pain…
The dragon’s breath rips through your veins.
I never wanted it this way,
Another Junkie/My Best Friend died today.

To all our friends departed,
It brought you to your knees,
We never tasted Victory.
You never heed the warnings,
Some things that should not be,
You were so blind, you could not see.
Track Name: Hold On

Heavy and resistant,
Fight a cause,
Justify existence,
Validate your birth,
Your Mother was busy,
Your Father is gone,
Now the fight’s in your mind,
Your life’s a time bomb,

Hold on, to those dreams you’ve had so long,
to make the world feel so secure
and fit around your lies.
Hold on, To those dreams you’ve had so long,
So scared the truth will burn your house of cards
with words of fire.

Twisted Myths
Mix lonely pain
Conditioning minds
Creating Hate
Associate Brothers
Rationalising All
A fear of Nothing:
A fear of All…

Born and raised on lies and myths
Indoctrinate your mind
Fill your head with fear and tricks
Your vision is now blind

A Pedestal to stand on,
Gives you real sight,
To what you look down on,
From your closed mind,
Surrounded by comrades
Flags in the sky
When the truth comes knocking
There’s no place to hide.
Track Name: Empty Words

The Bullshit stinks,
my mood is red,
your empty words go
round and round my head…

You slave to please the Generals,
Who’s song it is you sing.
It’s all about Career moves,
Not doing the right thing.
Appearance, Rules, your mindset,
So well you manage up,
But looking down on who you rule,
You don’t give a fuck….

You’ve learned it in a classroom,
You’ve read it in a book,
The Theory’s fucking wonderful
But reality sucks…
You talk as if you matter,
opinions of the mass,
Perfectionist illusion.
A Karmic wonderlust
Track Name: 1984 or 2014?
1984 (or 2014)

Babies, Fatherless.
Relationships, Meaningless.
Children, Mannerless.
Education, state oppressed.
Youth, Jobless.
Leaders, Shameless.
Attitude, Can’t Care less.
Hope is Endless.

Don’t be old, don’t be young,
Don’t be sick or vulnerable,
Don’t have needs, Don’t take risks
In by curfew, Don’t protest.

Two minute hate, escape is death,
Cult of personality privilege
We’ll take your looks, your home,
your pride,
Drive you insane, control your mind.

Drown in love, truth, pain and peace,
The Ministry’s first consciousness,
Room 101, cheap double think,
A nightmare legacy of thought crimes…
Track Name: Get Out Of My Way

I don’t Know What’s
Gone Wrong With My Mind,
It Seems to Have
Gone Round The Bend,
I’ve Got to Get
Out Of This Place,
The Problem Is
You Are In My Way.

I’m Crawling On My Knees
Don’t Know If I
Love Or Hate You
I Gotta Get
Out Of This Place
The Problem Is
You’re In My Way
Track Name: HATERS

Conditioned by a system from the day you’re born,
Filled with greed, pain and scorn.
Repetition of a cycle, a tarnished mind,
Carbon copies of twisted psychs.

You live a life without
Love, Real Love, Sweet Love,
The thing that puts pride in your heart,
But never talk about…

Prey on the negative, the fear inside,
The all consuming parasite.
You’re real misguided, in rose tint specs.
Schizophrenic Master Complex.

Over whelming sense of grief,
Token darkness is your disease,
Life is filled, so you won’t think,
What you are teaching, your own kids…

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