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Rip Your Face Off

by Underclass UK

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Always darkest before the dawn.... Face your fears On with the show Double standards, here we go... Face your fears, face the unknown Face your demons, Face your foes Face it high or face it low Face it fast or face it slow I could never see without you Nows the dark before my dawn All through the night, I long for day Ask not from me, don't know the way I see no right, only a way To get me through another day Always darkest before the dawn... There comes a time in everyone's life when the nightmares come when you wake Time to rip off the mask And confront the ugly truth that lies behind
Checking Out 03:07
Checking Out In my cell, reflect my sins Eat last supper, truth kicks in Rattle of chains, sounds of keys Long Green Mile, all eyes on me I'm checking out for the last time I paying now for a good time Didn't know where to stop And I crossed the line Now I'm checking out for the last time Shaved my head, strapped my arms TV cameras all around long sleep dawns as day light breaks One less killer for you to hate Is a life for a life the way to teach that killing is wrong and respect is key To a strong and safe society where justice ain't cold ruthlessness? Needles out, lights shine strong No remorse for what I done Pavulon stuns, my breaths run short I die with my secret - I'm innocent
One Size Fits All Take the kids and scramble their brains with false Gods and Prophets of Hate Another low for humanity a New Breed of Insanity Control the planet, dictate the faith assimilate to a one world state Driven by a 1% Genocide and massacres A clandestine war of Greed Nobody wins, just profit made No side wins religious wars man written scripts feed dogs of war A moral supremacy makes neighbours enemies Cocaine filled body bags drive the hub of World Finance Gold, Oil, Drugs, scare stories to control the ignorant
Rats 02:42
RATS I've looked out from the 7th floor and I don't like what I see Ten square miles of steel and concrete wrapped all around me And the lights are bright but the streets are mean and the air ain't fit to breathe There aint no time out from this grind.... I'm gonna leave. And this ship is sinking. And all the rats are leaving There's nothing i believe in. All my gods are dead or sold out You can take my flat and my big TV I won't need them when I'm gone You can take my street and take my job I've done them for too long And though I love you darlin' I'll love you all my days My time is done, I can't do no more will you come or stay? They say a change is for the better as good as a rest And you can carve out your own piece if you live life in the West But there's no room for me out here nowhere to make my stand Cos now I gotta run from a man with a gun who says "Son, get of off my land!"
Hows Your Father? Oi Son how's your father? When's he coming home? don't you hold your breath mate he's walked out and left us on our own Tell us where he is son where's he laid his hat? he's gone two towns over and I don't think he's ever coming back How about your mother? Can't she talk him round? He's gone and found another one for every night and every town How you bearing up son? How you getting on? It's all too little and all too late So keep your welfare state and just walk on I smash it up every daytime And don't sleep well at night But don't you mention him to me 'cos I taught myself how to stand and fight Yes, I taught myself how to stand and fight
Under The Sun I got up in the darkness. I worked under the sun I broke my fingers, Just to get it done I bled my life out, in the pissing down rain I got up in the morning, just to do it again And when it's all over And you've served your time and you've paid your dues They'll come knocking If you think they're done, then I've got news... I spat my teeth out, in the fading light I prayed to something, that I got it right I counted my pieces, when day was done I asked for a breather, I got none Don't it make you think, how hard you tried You were always gonna be on the wrong side Don't it make you think how hard you tried You were born to swim against a shit-scum tide Don't bleed out, to make a fat man rich Don't stand up, to be another man's bitch Don't sign up, to break your back Tell 'em where to go, and don't look back
Rip Your Face Off They know you're watching Cos they know your face They've got your number And know your game Watch as they get Behind your scene... To rip your face off.. Expose your dreams Clockwork Tory darkness, drives a World of pain and doom, Wasn't meant to be this way for you Your TV told you what to think, what to say and do Sold a dream, then they switched place with you How do you like it... Now your fears came true? And what you preached Has happened to you? How do you like it.. Now the table's turned? Existence. Worthless. A Grave New World Now we're watching... And we know you're face. We've got your number... And we know your place. Watch as we go... Behind the scenes.. And rip your face off And end your dreams..
Lost in your Dream I'm still awake in the early hours You know there's lots and lots to say but just no words to explain Can't stand around and watch the rot It's for the best when I say I draw the line - this stops Sweet memories Are not what they seem Is nothing true? I'm lost in your dream Don't Criticize me It's you Can see the end, my time is through Nothing feels right but I can't bear to lose you It's time to stop, do right by me You know I'm dying in madness And misery I'm shaking now, count down from 10 To say I did the right thing, til then I just can't rest To see you now, would tear me down, The end of an era, the end of now.
Give It Back 02:45
Give It Back The Law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steal the common from off the goose. The Law demands that we atone, When we take things we do not own, But leaves the Lords and Ladies fine, to take things that are yours and mine. The poor and wretched don't escape, If they conspire the law to break, But still the Geese a common lack, Until they go and take it back.
Groomed 04:11
Groomed You were born into this world, without a care Only needed loving, a feeling that all Humans should share A Mother's love, a Father's bond Should come so natural, but that's just not the case for everyone A predator's noticed, takes a like to you His evil mind torments, with what he wants to put you through Watch from a distance, as you grow. And your need for love and care begins to show At first befriend you, Instils trust Then the gifts and cash turn dark and torturous The gentle touches, that he starts to pay Makes you feel so special, you're so ashamed to say His sickening demands, then begin to grow Its becoming your secret, a stick with which to beat you As things become, far more intense Such force and power; the hurt and pain gets so immense You think that no one believes you And he knows that, all too well Wrapped up in a deadly cycle Physical and emotional hell Your isolated, with emotions off Withdrawn, and jaded, carrying to much guilt for anyone Yet you still return, to let him torture you, you're taught you're shit And told there's nothing you can do Cos it must be your fault, what he done to you? That you did something, you must have encouraged him too? That's what you've been led to believe No protection - on your own Helpless in a fucked up doom By an evil predator, you were groomed
How Many Times How many times, have you said yes? It's time you got running get up and get dressed How many times, have you said no? You can't do another, get up and let's go How many times, have you let me wait? saying I can walk away free just to hit me harder at a later date I can see you coming for me coming on the count of three and with just one bound he was free How many times, have we been here before we're climbing out the windows they're kicking down the door How many times have you given your word I can walk away for nothing no costs incurred How many times, have I said no you can't do another get up and let's go How many times, have I said yes it's time we got running get up and get dressed
Infected 02:27
InFected The little worm infected me Spread by poverty and greed Envy, fear, hatred, bad attitude Suffocates your mind and infests you Minds/Infected Ask the wrong questions to mislead Keeps doped society on a lead Take the answers, fed by hand Control debate and control minds 12 plus 12 makes number 24 So does 3 times 8 or 6 time 4 There's many ways in which to skin a cat But your way is the best, you're sure of that
Don't Call Me (I'll Call You) Call me reprobate and loser Call me ignorant and fake Call me worthless, scum and useless Call me undeserved and take my place When the worm turns When the bridge burns When the line hangs dead in silence When life just don't like you Don't look this way Wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire Wouldn't cross the street to shake my hand Always said that I was in denial Now you're looking round for me to help Don't call me, don't call me Don't call me, I don't need this Don't call me, I don't know your name
....... 02:36


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'The Making of...' A short film.

Underclass UK was born out of the cultural toilet that was Dagenham in the early eighties. Stuck at the arse-end of the District Line, miles from the city and any decent venue, drowning in its small-town mindset, the only way out for those who didn't fit was drink and drugs, loud music and the last train out of Dagenham East.

Stu and Andy missed the train....

The two inevitably banded together through music, and having grown weary of blasting tunes out from cassette recorders from street corners and being told to fuck off they started making their own racket in true DIY style with guitar and bass as weapons of choice.

Despite the immediate creative sparks, the partnership was snuffed out as outside forces prevailed - Pricey got carted off for a brief stay at her Majesty's pleasure, and Stu went off and got married. And that was that - Andy sold all his guitars and amps to fund nefarious deeds, disappearing into a narcotic wasteland, while Stu struggled on to keep his life on an even keel.

But time passed, the dust settled, and as Stu managed to establish some order in his life, he turned again to the remains of those early sessions. He scrubbed up the survivng songs, wrote a bunch more, and now being well placed to knock them out in respectable form, put out what was to be the first official Underclass UK album - Gratuitous.

And from there it grew.

Then crashed.


Then grew again, in the inimitable rollercoaster Underclass UK pattern.

Stu assembled a band of sorts, to play more songs and get it out live. And, in true-punk style, they were all over the place - members came and went, sometimes on the night - and no-one knew what state anyone was going to be in if they did make it to the stage.

Despite this chaos the band put out another studio album, and a live one, when, suddenly, some twenty five years later... Andy reappearred on the scene. Ta dah!

Having found Stu and the band via the internet (invented in the intervening years!) Andy turned up on Stu's doorstep, still guitarless but back from the wasteland and standing up straight, and duly rejoined the band there and then.

He bought a guitar the next day.

Then the drummer left.

Undeterred by this minor detail the band worked as a three piece of Stu, Andy, and Clem Pavey on bass to put out "Not In My Name".

And then, Pumpy joined.

A big Day. A punk veteran, having played drums with everyone you've ever met, from the Subs to possibly Elvis himself and Glen Miller, Pumpy brought some solidity, professionalism, and essential Denis the Menance regalia to the outfit. And some proper heavy beats.

And, as the bass positon went vacant (again), he brought in Steve Zuki from Demob to cover the duties and save the day.

Two professional players now in the ranks, the band firmed up, got proper solid and could handle any gigs thrown at them and started turning into a proper outfit.

All good there then.

Except...Steve was schlepping in from bloody Wales twice a month to rehearse, and gigging with Underclass UK as well as Demob, but his professionalism led the rest to forget that they'd only actually borrowed him, so when commitments started taking their toll and Steve had to bow out, the band were at a loss, for they'd now turned into something to reckon with, and didnt want to look back.

But, lo and behold, and mind yerselves, who should come crashing into the rehearsal room, but Charlie himself, threatening to "show all you white boys how to play rock and roll."

Which he did, nailing all the bass lines on the first day, and bringing his own lethal style to the table, instantly becoming an indespensable part of the equation.Top man. Lives for the bass. Result.

Now with eveyone living within the M25, reheasals hotted up and gigs were smashed out and new songs were written with an increasing tightness, professionalism and honed down sound, culminating with the band steaming into the great Pat Collier's Perry Vale Studio in the summer of 2016 to lay down the tracks for the album Rip Your Face Off.

Rip Your Face Off is available from all Digital Distribution outlets and streaming vendors from 5th November 2016.

For older CD's please visit www.punklives.co.uk


released April 11, 2016

Recorded at Perry Vale Studios - August 2016
Produced and Engineered by Pat Collier.
All songs Copyright control 2016.





all rights reserved



Underclass UK Dagenham, UK

"(Underclass UK) have a lot to say and a pretty ferocious, uncompromising way of saying it. Far from being an average Oi!/Streetpunk band they are far more sussed and articulate than you’d perhaps imagine from their chosen name." Geb Babey, Louder Than War! 12.3.17 ... more

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